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Our Purpose

SonRise Christian Church loves to:

Seek & discover those who need Jesus;

Live & teach Jesus' Words;

Serve & Shine for Jesus in the Community!

Our Current Location

We currently meet in the Hills of Ocala Community Center located inn a residential, non-gated, family community.  We are easily accessed from Rolling Ranches neighborhood.  We are just off the 140th Ave. corridor between Highway 484 & State Route 40.

Our Future Location

Our future home is on five beautiful acres with majestic live oaks, plenty of space for growth and an opportunity to have our own building for developing ministries!

Our Congregation's History

Beginning with ten households in June, 2010, we began meeting to form a new congregation in southwest Marion County.  The history of the New Testament church became our outline and we wanted to establish a church family based on the scriptures, the authority of Jesus' teachings, and pattern of the book of Acts.  Following the formula of Acts 2:42, we established the need for a weekly observance of the Lord's Supper, the teaching of the Word, a fellowship of believers, and a heart for prayer.  

Organizing on that basis, SonRise Christian church became a legal entity, a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Florida, and a 501(c)3 recognized entity with the federal government.  

Following the pattern of the New Testament, we have a Leadership Team of 7 directors, an ordained Pastor, and an affiliation with the Independent Christian Churches / Churches of Christ.

Our Future Building

Our initial first building is a modular unit that will serve as a worship center and permit growth.  Later, the same structure may be repurposed  for classroom  or other use.  the original 32X 70 unit will meet our needs and the cost for development is estimated to be just $175,000.  We prayerfully proceed with our plans and ask God to direct our steps in this process.

We have raised over $90,000 to purchase the land, complete the necessary surveys, completed the environmental impact statements, hired an architect the develop the appropriate site plan, landscaping, and parking areas.  We just the additional funds to develop this property!

SonRise Christian Church's Priorities

1.  Each person to take time for God's Word daily; to nourish the life and character that we desire to develop in Jesus..

2.  Encourage the spiritual health of other church members.

3.  To pray for others regularly; those within the church family and those outside our immediate household as needed.

4.  Help welcome guests to our fellowship and encourage their return.

5.  Partnering to make our dreams and plans a reality - to build the congregation first, then the programs of the congregation, and eventually a church building.