About Us

What Kind of Church is SonRise Christian Church?

  Almost everyone has a favorite team. We know people whose heart bleeds Orange & Blue, or Crimson & Gold. Others love the Dolphins, Bucs, or Jaguars. There are those who prefer the Bulldogs, Colts or other squads – whatever the sport and on whatever level from Little League to professional.   

We’ve got a favorite, too! We are fans of Jesus! We want to be on His team and wear His name. We seek to be Christians. Just Christians. We don’t want a brand-name or a human name; we just want the name from the New Testament. We know that we are not the only Christians, but we do seek to be Christians only!   

We want to be identified with one another. We’re a church family that is composed of people living in our neighborhoods, sharing our values and our faith. We are independent of a hierarchy or denomination. We rely upon the scriptures for our direction and purpose and not a man-made set of documents.  

 We believe in following the pattern of the New Testament Church. We believe in the saving work of Jesus Christ upon the cross, His resurrection and anticipate His return. We know the Holy Spirit came forth  to empower the believers and to bring the inspired Word. God is still at work and we anticipate preparing for His Son’s return by communicating the gospel message, baptizing those who believe and obey, and teaching them to observe what he has commanded.   

We know that we are human and thus we are not perfect. We have all fallen short of God’s ideals. We humbly accept that if we are imperfect, our church will have imperfections also. But we have been given all that we need for life and godliness in the scriptures to help us appropriately follow his instructions. That’s why we continue to be a portion of the Body of Christ upon this earth. 

While some churches act exclusively and refrain from welcoming others, we believe in the invitation of Jesus that “Whosoever will may come!” We know that Jesus embraces everyone. We also know that He will determine to help us become the kind of child his Father wants when he warns, “Not everyone who says to me ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter the kingdom of heaven.” So we do have to obey his commands.   

Our desire is to help everyone come to know Jesus. We want to learn together how to please him. We want to serve him and serve one another. We want to be a light to our community in promoting the message of Jesus. Thus we want to not have a name but also be “SonRise Christian Church of Marion County!”